Walk Don’t Run


Nestled in a quaint little street in Armadale, a stone’s throw from the train station and just behind Kings Arcade, the new Walk Don’t Run cafe is celebrating the beauty and benefits of wholesome food and mindful eating.

This intimate little cafe offers nothing but delicious whole foods, using fresh, local organic produce to create an exquisite seasonal menu.

The menu runs all day and there are enough options to tantalise all taste buds, but not so many that it’s impossible to decide. For sweet teeth there are cold-pressed juices, super seed bircher and chia seed pudding to name but a few, while for the savoury palate there’s the superfood breakfast, and baked millet and root vegetable slice.


For lunch, look no further than the delicious salads, with organic green tea soba noodles with poached chicken, green beans, nuts, seeds & tahini dressing; or rare beef tataki with broccoli and quinoa tabouli, both delicately put together to create an edible artwork.

Mario Minichilli and Vincent Conti, the masterminds behind the popular Merchants Guild cafe in East Bentleigh and the Prana Chai company, have joined forces with co-owner and head chef Ryo Toyama. “No matter what you order, you know it is all good for you, and you will feel nourished and good about yourself when you leave”, says Mario.

If you think this is going to be your morning espresso pitstop, you ought to think again because this isn’t what Walk Don’t Run’s philosophy is about. Their decision to offer only batch brewed filtered coffee is simple – unlike an espresso shot, which gives a quick momentary boost to the nervous system, the slow release of caffeine from this type of coffees ties in with their mantra. “You maintain energy throughout your day”, and it’s the same with the food, you feel good all day long.

All coffees come black, with a choice of biodynamic cow, soy, almond or cashew milk, and there’s an array of speciality organic teas such as hand rolled jasmine pearls and white peony.


As I sit and thoroughly enjoy the life changing, five month in the making ‘Life Loaf’, topped with whipped ricotta and raw chia berry jams I notice passers by peering in with intrigue. With a minimalist and natural hue to the Japanese inspired space, Mario explains that the location “picked them”…and boy am I glad it did!

They have a variety of take away options too, such as daily baked goods, insanely tasty breakfast bars, and the Life Loaf, as well as a mouth watering selection of raw treats, all dairy, gluten and refined sugar free, and sourced from Melbourne based companies Nutrition Darling and Raw Love.

This is the perfect place to catch up with friends,  or simply escape the manic chaos that other cafes have.  So make sure you walk, rather than run down to this little gem off High street.

17 Morey Street, Armadale

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday  8am-3pm

Photography by Tammy Boyce



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