Happy tummy spray; digest zen

Happy tummy spray

Digestion is the one aspect of my health I’ve always struggled with and I know I’m not alone. According to The Gut Foundation of…

Organic food: to buy or not to buy?

Last week the Environmental Working Group published it’s annual ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean Fifteen lists’… These lists are very handy reference guides for the…

Transformer Fitzroy

Things are heating up on Melbourne’s vegetarian food scene, with the birth of Transformer Bar and Restaurant, a sophisticated new sibling and neighbour to Veggie Bar in Fitzroy….

Walk Don’t Run

Nestled in a quaint little street in Armadale, a stone’s throw from the train station and just behind Kings Arcade, the new Walk Don’t Run…

Like Minded Projects

What happens when three food and drink businesses collaborate to bring Melbournians nutritious, delicious, affordable food under one roof?


The opening of a whole foods cafe by renowned Melbourne chef George Calombaris is a sure sign the wellness movement is gathering pace

Neighbour Trader

A lettuce growing experiment in the dining room of this curious builder led to a very clever idea