Melbourne’s top 4 Mind Body Studios

Universal Practice - Richmond


Gone are the days of having to choose between a great yoga class or an awesome sweat-sesh. Today’s average fitness enthusiast demands the best of both worlds from their gym and Melbourne’s latest health and wellness studios are happy to oblige. With equal focus on both the mental and physical aspects of well-being, these four studios tick all of the boxes when it comes to looking after your mind and body.

Bodhi & Ride, South Melbourne

Bodhi & Ride is the kind of place you walk in to and immediately feel like part of the family. Every little detail, from the ambient, amber glow of flickering candles and the staff who greet you by name when you walk in the door, creates a warm and welcoming environment.

The studios name was inspired by the Buddhist word, “Bodhi” which translates to enlightenment or awakening, and regardless of which you’re seeking, you’ll find it at Bodhi & Ride. There are three different spaces – the Spin Chamber, the Yoga Loft and the Unplug Pod.

Bodhi & Ride Yoga Loft

Founder Michaela Fellner, who is no stranger to the daily stresses of a hectic lifestyle, having transitioned from a high-flying career in financial services, got her inspiration from the Yin and Yang philosophy of opposing forces. Whether you’re seeking release in the form of a high-intensity cardio session or to unwind with some slow-flow yoga, Bodhi has got you covered.

Bodhi & Ride Spin Chamber

Bodhi’s Ride45 classes are not your average spin class. With DJ-mixed soundtracks and choreographed lighting you’d be forgiven for thinking you were at a warehouse rave. They’ve also re-interpretted the typical vinyasa class with their Bodhi Flow – Deep House class, which is accompanied by dimmed lights, candles and, yep you guessed it – some deep house beats! Their Sound Meditation class with titanium singing bowls is another unique class not to be missed.
416-418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne.

Fifth Element Wellness
, Fitzroy
If you’re after a truly personalised health and wellness experience, look no further than Fifth Element Wellness (5EW) in Fitzroy.

5EW was founded in 2013 by dynamic duo Matthew Hoo and David O’Brien. Both were feeling a little underwhelmed by the current gym offerings in Melbourne and shared a vision to create a holistic fitness and wellness studio that focused on real results.

5EW - Front

While 5EW’s core offering is their personal training service, they also offer a range of classes. Those tires out the front are not just for decoration, you’ll be flipping those babies as part of 5EW’s signature Strongman class, which is a circuit style class that will see you buddy up with a partner as you move through a series of exercises that are guaranteed to make you work up a sweat. Cool down and unwind afterwards with a yin yoga class in their beautifully zen yoga studio.

5EW really is the ultimate holistic wellness experience. They not only offer personal training and classes, but also have a coffee shop, an infrared sauna and doctor on site who offers blood testing to both members and non-members. The blood testing allows you to get a real insight into how your body is functioning and to work with your trainer to create a fitness and nutrition program that is truly tailored to your needs.

27 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North.

Universal Practice, Richmond
Tucked away on a quiet road just off Richmond’s busy Church street is the newly-opened Universal Practice (UP), a haven for those looking to escape and unwind after a hectic day. This beautifully bright and airy studio offers clinical reformer pilates, yoga and meditation classes.

Universal Practice - Pilates

Owner Sammy Wilson, who is a qualified physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor and yoga teacher, was inspired to create a wellness space that focused on strengthening both the mind and body and really acknowledging the connection between the two. Having studied yoga and meditation in India, Sammy wanted to take as much of her experiences as possible back to Melbourne and ensure that UP’s yoga and meditation classes stayed true to the traditional experience.

Universal Practice’s reformer pilates classes are kept small (max 6 people per class), allowing the instructors, who are all qualified physiotherapists, to give you the attention you need throughout the class and focus on things like posture, alignment and technique.

Universal Practice - Studio

As well as the traditional yin and flow classes, UP also offers a speciality Ropes Yoga class incorporating ropes attached to the wall of the studio. The ropes make yoga more accessible to those with limited mobility who might otherwise be put off trying a traditional yoga class, and the lavender eye bags handed out for savasana are a luxurious touch.
8 Albert Street, Richmond VIC 3121

Happy Melon Studios, Armadale
Happy Melon was the first mind body studio of it’s kind in Melbourne to offer a unique combination of pilates, yoga, fitness and meditation classes.  The rapid growth of the studio since it’s opening in April 2016 is a sure sign the pioneering team behind it are onto a good thing.  2016 has seen the opening of a second Pilates studio, treatment rooms and a range of wellness practitioners added to the team. “Get the mind right, the body will follow” is the Happy Melon philosophy.  All classes incorporate mindfulness techniques aimed at improving focus, enhancing mental clarity, mind body connection and reducing stress.

Photo by Brook Holm

Photo by Brook Holm

The focus is on quality teaching in an intimate environment. Expect to be corrected on your technique by teachers who genuinely care about making sure you get optimum results and giving you the best possible experience.


With bright, modern spaces and friendly faces to greet you by name and encourage you to hang around for a tea and a chat at the end, you can’t help but make yourself feel right at home at Happy Melon.


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