Melbourne Marathon Countdown


The countdown is on to the Medibank Melbourne Marathon, with months of hard work and preparation now winding down as you prepare for Sunday’s big race.

I caught up with seasoned marathon runner Tim Hazell, Founding Director of ProSport Health and Fitness for his expert tips on how to prepare yourself in this final week leading up to race day.

Tim has not only run and led groups in 5 of the world’s great marathons (Melbourne ironman, Tokyo, New York and Paris – London is next!), but he’s also conquered the world’s highest mountains (Everest Base Camp and Mt Kilimanjaro) and led treks along the The Kokoda Trail more times than anyone can keep track.  Enough to make you giddy, isn’t it?!

Tim says:

It’s important to maximise this final phase of preparation. Whether you’re a marathon virgin or a seasoned professional looking to add an extra edge to your performance;  these are my  tips to make sure that you make it to the start line in top shape.

Your training schedule this week should look like this

  • Monday: Easy 30 min run
  • Tuesday: X-train session (off the feet)
  • Wednesday: Easy 45 min run
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Recovery day – swim/foam roll/bike (cycling)
  • Saturday: Light run/walk & stretch
  • Sunday: RACE DAY

Wear footwear that is both lightweight and supportive
You should make sure you get a few weeks of training (or at least 45km’s) in your shoes before race day to “wear them in” so hopefully you’ve got your footwear sorted, but the best brands for specialist running shoes are Nike, Asics, Mizuno and New Balance.  When it comes to socks go for breathable and specialist running socks. The main aim with footwear is comfort and avoiding blisters!

Hydrate and nourish with the right food and drink
Marathons are what sports drinks were invented for! Just drinking water isn’t going to fuel your body with carbohydrates and electrolytes which are lost through sweating.  Food also plays a huge role in muscle recovery (it plays a huge role with everything!). Protein smoothies, muffins, protein bars and fruit are great (& easy) options to get into you within 30 – 40 minutes of finishing your training run.

Taper & Recovery
With the one week to go, stick to light jogging, massages, foam rolling, occasional ice baths, and most important… SLEEP! It’s never been more essential to grab those Z’s.

For details on this weekend’s event go to: Medibank Melbourne Marathon

To go on a bucket list adventure with Tim, try one of ProSport’s famous boot camps, boxing classes or altitude circuit classes, head to


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