How to get rid of stains, naturally


I have to put my hand up and admit I can be a little clumsy when it comes to spilling things – because my mind is often so far away from what I am actually doing. But gone are the days of having to get out the Ajax, Jif, NapiSan, or any other harsh cleaning agents with chemical nasties, to get myself out of trouble.

The most recent incident occurred after getting a little over excited at my new bottle of Yarrow Pom – an active botanical nutrient duo I use as part of my skincare routine, and take under my tongue, because it’s super high in antioxidants. One of the key compounds in Yarrow Pom, chamazulene is deep blue, while the pomegranate makes it thick and gooey.

You can imagine the shock horror when I realised I’d spilt it on my yellow pastel winter knit, eeeeeek!

Of course my first reaction was to panic – but then I realised I had a great little trick at my disposal.

Bicarb soda is an ingredient every home should have for natural cleaning – I get mine in bulk online from Blants – because it’s cheaper that way, and aluminium free [I am not in any way affiliated with Blants].

All I did was mix the bicarb soda into a paste with my On Guard Cleaner concentrate (equal parts of each) and let it sit for a few minutes…

… and then rinse the paste off with water and what do you know, VOILA!

No more chamazulene on my beautiful knit, it’s like magic, isn’t it? I shouldn’t be surprised because I know just how powerful and effective good quality natural cleaning ingredients are, but it continues to blow my mind.

doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is a brilliant, non-toxic, biodegradable, multi-purpose cleaner that also works wonders for stain removal thanks to it’s propriety blend of 100% pure, tested grade Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Orange and Rosemary essential oils. For on-the-go stain removal and easy application, get a 10ml roller bottle and fill half of it with the cleaner concentrate and the other half with water.

How to remove bench stains

I was running my first essential oils workshop at my Mum’s home in Melbourne and left a packet of frozen blueberries sitting on her white marble bench… the blueberry juice seeped onto the bench and my heart stopped in fear of my mother’s fury! But once again some quick thinking got me out of trouble..

It was as simple as sprinkling bicarb soda onto the bench, and then a few drops of Oregano oil, wipe down the bench and what do you know, not a trace of blueberry juice! [Note: be very careful when using this as it is very hot and caustic and can burn skin if undiluted].

This little trick came to the rescue again when I was at my girlfriend, Katie’s place in Melbourne and her gorgeous but very cheeky 3 year old drew permanent marker all over her white laminate TV cabinet. Katie pulled out the Ajax and I shouted, “no, you won’t!”

Frankie’s brother, Alfie, admiring his sister’s artwork.

Alas the bicarb soda and oregano came out…

… and worked an absolute treat once again, lucky Frankie!

Lemongrass oil works just as well thanks to it’s astringent properties (it worked superbly when I had the remains of a sea urchin in my foot that was so small I couldn’t get it out with tweezers).

I would actually recommend lemongrass as the first port of call as it’s not as potent and overpowering but just as effective. It can even be used as natural nail polish remover… gosh, mother nature is amazing isn’t she?

Of course, I can’t vouch that this will work with any type of essential oil – in fact it’s likely it won’t as 95% of essential oils are adulterated (the essential oil industry isn’t regulated and there are only 3 brands that don’t adulterate your oils). This is why I choose doTERRA oils – I know I’m getting the purest, most potent essential oils on the planet.

Then there’s the feel good factor that comes with buying from a business that ensures it’s farmers, harvesters and distillers are paid ethically and on time; that the oils are sourced in a sustainable way; and is lifting families all over the world out of poverty, providing them with access to healthcare and clean running water.

For more healthy home inspiration, come along to a workshop, or if you’re ready to jump in and get started, head here for info on how to join my essential oils community (you receive my DIY cleaning with essential oils e-book when you join).

doTERRA OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate : $18 wholesale, $24 retail
doTERRA Oregano Oil: $31.75 wholesale / $42.33 retail
doTERRA Lemongrass Oil: $13.00 wholesale / $17.33 retail


Zara is a healthy home coach and keynote speaker on a mission to empower 1 million people to takes steps towards a healthier home. Zara learned about the link between our homes and our health after going through two different types of cancer. Zara is passionate about shining the spotlight on what she believes to be the least understood health challenges of our time, and sharing the things she wishes she had known, that could have prevented the illnesses she has been through. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading health influencers, Zara was a finalist in the 2014 Bupa Health Influencer of the Year Awards. She has appeared on TEN News, Today Show and The Project, been featured in the Herald Sun, I Quit Sugar, and contributed Medibank’s Be. Magazine and Fairfax health online publications. Zara contributed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s first comprehensive report on breast cancer in young women in Australia.

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