Detox & calm bath salts


There’s nothing quite like a hot, soaky, detoxifying bath to help bring some calm to your farm at times when you feel frazzled, or help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Not only is it a lovely way to give your body a little TLC, but it’s also a super easy, cost effective gift to make and give to other people in your life who could do with a bit of pampering.

Our skin is our body’s largest detoxification organ, and epsom salts work wonders for boosting magnesium and sulphate levels, helping blood circulation and detoxification.

The simple addition of a few drops of therapeutic grade essential oils known for their calming properties and benefits to skin, enter lavender and frankincense, take this self-care ritual to a whole new level.

Lavender is the oil of communication and calm, it is also known as ‘princess of the skin’ – it is commonly used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and irritations (I use it in combination with frankincense in my face serum).  I use doTERRA’s lavender oil because it is the best therapeutic grade lavender oil available – it is sourced from a distillery next to the Black Sea in Bulgaria, where the soil is fertile and the winters are mild, providing the best growing conditions for the lavender plant.

Frankincense is known as the ‘King of Oils’ because it is a power house oil with so many different benefits. As well as using it for my skin (it is amazing for skin healing – i.e. scars), I use it for immune support and to help reduce inflammation in the body, I also use it to support me emotionally and have been having quite an amazing experience in recent months, so much so that I now use it on a daily basis – when I do, it helps me feel calm, grounded, less anxious, more alert, and generally in a better mood.  doTERRA’s frankincense oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree in the Somalian desert, which as you can imagine means it is strong, sturdy and resilient, to enable it to thrive in such conditions.

doTERRA’s lavender and frankincense essential oils are both safe for internal and topical use, because they are 100% pure tested grade – the same cannot be said for the brands you see on shop shelves that say ‘may cause skin irritation’ or ‘not to be used internally’, these often have synthetic fillers and you won’t experience the same therapeutic benefits.

What you need to make ‘Detox & calm bath salts’:

2 cups epsom salts
6 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops frankincense essential oil
A handful of rose petals
Glass jar

Simply combine all the ingredients and pour into a glass jar, tie some string, or hessian or ribbon around and voila, there you have it, a lovingly made gift that the receiver is bound to appreciate.

Note: it’s always a good idea to add a fat (i.e. a cup of any type of milk, or a tablespoon of coconut oil) to the bath to help the essential oils emulsify, and also help leave your skin feeling smooth.

Click here for information on how to purchase doTERRA oils wholesale, or get in touch with me at if you’d like my help getting started on your oily journey.


Zara is a healthy home coach and keynote speaker on a mission to empower 1 million people to takes steps towards a healthier home. Zara learned about the link between our homes and our health after going through two different types of cancer. Zara is passionate about shining the spotlight on what she believes to be the least understood health challenges of our time, and sharing the things she wishes she had known, that could have prevented the illnesses she has been through. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading health influencers, Zara was a finalist in the 2014 Bupa Health Influencer of the Year Awards. She has appeared on TEN News, Today Show and The Project, been featured in the Herald Sun, I Quit Sugar, and contributed Medibank’s Be. Magazine and Fairfax health online publications. Zara contributed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s first comprehensive report on breast cancer in young women in Australia.

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