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Zara D’Cotta –  Healthy Home coach | Keynote Speaker | doTERRA Leader |  Activist

Zara helps parents create healthier homes so their families can thrive.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility, and chronic illnesses like cancer have become the hallmarks of modern day society. What Zara discovered after going through cancer is that our homes are making us sick.

She found three big culprits in our homes:

1. Eighty to 90% of chemicals in commercial use today have never been tested for their impact on human health and there is mounting evidence they are harming our physiology – they’re in cleaning and personal care products, cookware, building materials, carpets, paints, and furnishings. No regulations are in place to protect us from harmful chemicals that are known to be hormone disrupting and carcinogenic.

2. There has been a thousand-billion-fold increase in our exposure to electromagnetic frequencies in the last 25 years. Peer reviewed scientific studies have found that radiation from wireless technologies can damage DNA and sperm, cause cellular distress, insomnia, reduce immunity, and trigger changes to hormones and brainwave patterns.

3. One in 8 people are being made sick because of mould in their home. Mould doesn’t need to be seen or smelt to be present, and it is insidious in that it can wreak havoc with every major system in the human body.

I’m known for helping my customers feel their best, by guiding them through simples that will reduce their daily exposure to harmful environmental toxins and significantly improve the health of their household.

Our homes should be sanctuaries, not a cause of ill health and angst. I believe every parent should be empowered with the knowledge they need to create a home environment that will support the health of their family.

▶ Selected as a finalist in the 2014 Bupa Health Influencer of the Year Awards, within months of launching Oh My Goodness, an online platform with a 30,000 strong online following.

▶ Appeared on TEN News, Today Show and The Project, been featured in the Herald Sun, I Quit Sugar, and contributed to Medibank’s Be. Magazine and Fairfax health online.

▶ Member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps

▶ Leading a petition calling on The Australian Government to regulate the use of glyphosate (the key cancer-causing ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, in public spaces in Australia) that has been accepted into the Australian House of Representatives (You can sign the Change.org petition here: www.change.org/glyphosate ).

▶ Contributed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s first comprehensive report on breast cancer in young women in Australia.

OMG Herald Sun

Herald Sun, 29 March 2016


Zara was the keynote speaker at the St Catherine’s School annual Ruth Langley luncheon.  Past speakers at the luncheon have included Dame Quentin Bryce, Magda Szubanski and Tracey Curro.

“Zara’s honesty and vulnerability had a powerful impact on everyone in the room. Her presentation was professional while being warm and personal. It was overwhelmingly well received. Her tips were well founded in current medical literature and current health topics.”

 “Zara’s personal connection to the subject matter meant that our audience had more buy-in to her tips, which I know will have a more lasting impact. People were engaged in animated discussion immediately after Zara spoke and the mothers were seeking her out to hear more – this demonstrated how strong the connection was between Zara and our audience. I have taken away all three key pieces of Zara’s advice. It was easy for people to hear and understand Zara’s message without it being overwhelming.

“Zara is incredibly easy to work with.  Her warmth, kindness, integrity and compassion came through in all our interactions. I felt an instant connection and trust that our event was going to be really successful and easy. Zara did a fabulous job and the whole experience was just a pleasure to be involved in.” – Nicole Begley, Parents & Friends Association, St Catherine’s School, Melbourne.

Zara delivers the keynote speech in front of 850 guests at Victorian Events Committee's 12th annual Pink Ribbon breakfast at Flemington Racecourse

Zara delivers her keynote for 850 guests at Victorian Events Committee’s 12th annual Pink Ribbon breakfast.

Zara delivered the keynote speech at the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon breakfast for 850 guests at Flemington racecourse.

“Zara’s speech was very moving and I know many of the guests in the room were touched by her words. Her speech resonated with the audience because she was so open and honest about her experience. Many people in the room had been impacted by breast cancer and were able to draw comfort from Zara’s strength.”

“Zara’s speech was unique and really highlighted how a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment varies for each individual. The way Zara explained the highs and lows of her experience really moved the audience. 

“Zara did a brilliant job of incorporating NBCF’s key messages in her speech, ensuring it had a natural flow and was in her own words, which allowed it to have impact. Thank you Zara on behalf of NBCF for helping to share our vision for creating awareness for breast cancer research.” – Moana Wood, General Manager, Fundraising & Development, National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

“Zara stirred hearts and minds, captivating thLisa Jenkinse audience at our Heart&Hustle dinner, with her message of life being too precious. She spoke to all the women’s hearts in one way or another.  Zara’s presentation helped us achieve our goals of inspiring women to pursue their passions and talents and feel supported. She built rapport very quickly with our audience, connecting with them before, during and after her presentation. Having Zara as the keynote speaker took our standard of events and speakers to the next level. Zara is professional and a pure delight to work with. Thank you Zara for being vulnerable and real.” – Lisa Jenkins, co-founder, Lumi. 

“I do believe I was struggling to hold back tears here… actually they were flowing pretty freely.  So emotional but sooo good!” – Happy Little Coconut Aus


Lumi Heart & Hustle dinner at Matcha Mylkbar. [Photo: Mel Fabrici]

 “Zara, you are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your storing and filling me with the desire to follow my dreams! Life is too precious to wait to start doing the things you love.” – Anna Hawkins

 “Last night I heard the authentically wise & raw (Zara) of Oh My Goodness… We were taken on her personal journey and were told a series of statements that patients told nurses in the last 3 to 12 weeks of their lives. Here’s the one that stuck with me: “I wish I’d let myself be happier.”–  Samantha Gash, endurance runner, adventurer, World Vision Ambassador

 “Such an amazing evening hearing this beautiful soul, Zara from Oh My Goodness speak about her journey. Her words really struck a chord with me (like I knew they would). Still buzzing from the energy in the room.” Niina Birrell – co-Founder, Lumi.

 “Thanks Zara for such an eye opening reminder of all that is good and fright for me right here and right now.” – Mel Fabrici, photographer.

Accenture IWD photo

(l – r): Jane Livesy – Accenture ; Kate Vale, MD – Spotify; Robyn Brown – FCPA Chair; Zara D’Cotta ; Eloise Wett – GM Customer Experience, ASX; Angela Priestly – Publisher, Private Media.

“Hearing Zara’s story I was instantly inspired and delighted to have her join our International Women’s Day panel of speakers for Accenture Digital employees and clients in Sydney.  Zara speaks candidly and honestly while sharing her experiences and learnings with her audience and connects with them easily.  She is passionate, inspiring and thought provoking.” – Rebecca Smith – Senior Manager, Accenture Digital, Sydney. 

StephWebster“Zara is such an inspiring and humbling speaker.  As a powerhouse in the health and wellness space, I was thrilled Zara agreed to be a keynote speaker at our ‘health & wellness life hacks’ event for Accenture Digital & Reactive. Zara has this way of immediately connecting with her audience and drawing them in with her candor and authenticity. Zara talks about things with such passion and realism that it’s easily relatable to the audience and  you walk away feeling inspired, and empowered to change something in your current situation.”
Steph Webster – Group Account Director, Reactive & Director of She Says, Melbourne.