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When SodaStream asked me to undertake a two day plastic de-tox challenge, I was quick to accept.  I have fond memories of the SodaStream from my childhood days.   I distinctly remember the retro red bottle, shrieking with laughter at the farting sound it used to make as we pumped gas into it, and the thrill of making our own fizzy drinks with flavoured cordial.  But it never occurred to me that amidst all this fun, we were also doing our bit to save our planet.

I’ve  been making a conscious effort to phase out plastic over the last few years but have fallen off the wagon a little bit since moving out of my Melbourne home (in which I’d built up quite a collection of re-usable non-plastic items), so this presented the perfect opportunity for me to get back on track.

Day 1
of the challenge was all about monitoring my plastic consumption and I have to say, from the moment I woke up it was hard not to feel alarmed and disheartened – check out my day here:


So, what’s the solution?

I felt as though I’d failed before the day had even begun on day 2, on which I was tasked to avoid plastic altogether.  There’s no replacement for plastic doggy bags, is there?

But I soon realised that feeling overwhelmed at the size of the problem was counterproductive and the  best way to approach the solution is the same way in which I’ve approached my own health journey, that is, choosing one thing to conquer at a time rather than trying to do everything at once.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

I find that the smallest tweaks to my daily routine make the biggest difference where my health is concerned and I think the same thing can be said for our mission to save our planet. 

I decided that ditching my daily 1.5 litre bottle of water would be an excellent place to start and if I can make this one change a daily habit, I can prevent a few hundred plastic bottles from going into landfill every year.  

Did you know…

  • Australians buy around 1 billion plastic water bottles every year and according to Boomerang  Alliance, only around one third of them are recycled
  • Most water bottles end up in landfill and they take 1,000 years to biodegrade. If incinerated they produce toxic fumes.
  • The process of pumping bottled water out of the ground, packaging and transporting it creates 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases in Australia alone.

It’s absolutely staggering, isn’t it?

Enter, the SodaStream…

I couldn’t have been more excited when my SodaStream Power arrived.  I dare say it’s come a long way since my childhood days.

Here are 6 great reasons SodaStream’s reusable 1 litre BPA free bottle is the perfect replacement for the plastic water bottles we go through each day:

  1. You get to enjoy the thrill of pumping sparkling effervescence into plain old still water at the touch of a button.
  2. Save money, and the hassle of lugging sparkling water bottles home from the supermarket.
  3. One soda stream bottle can save the average family 2,190 bottles and cans over the three year lifespan of the reusable BPA free bottle – reason enough, isn’t it?
  4.  When your 60L gas cylinder runs out you can exchange it for  a new one – SodaStream then refills your recycled bottle to prevent it going into landfill.
  5. Wow family and friends with easy, delicious, healthy summer spritzers (check out my ideas below)
  6. It’s not like other kitchen accessories that take up space only to be used once in a blue moon – it becomes as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth.

SodaStream is one very small but significant step we can take towards decreasing our environmental footprint and increasing our daily water consumption – both in the convenience of our own home and on the go.

You wouldn’t catch me putting cordial in my SodaStream like I did in my childhood days, but that doesn’t mean my daily water consumption has to be boring.  I love to add essential oils, chopped fruit and herbs to my sparkling.  Wild orange essential oil is just like having Fanta, while chopped fresh orange, lemon, strawberries, raspberries, cucumber, mint and basil taste great too.


Now, I have to take my hat off to the team at SodaStream for their quirky  “Glory or shame” video parody, in which Games of Thrones characters Septa and The Mountain  take on the iconic walk of shame.  The video has made global news headlines – yep the world now knows about our plastic shame, best time we do something about it, eh?


My head is overflowing now with more tips for things we can all easily do to reduce our plastic waste.  I’ll be sharing these ideas and tips that form part of my daily routine on Instagram stories.   In the meantime, do you have any suggestions?  I’d love to hear them in the comments below.



Zara is a healthy home coach and keynote speaker on a mission to empower 1 million people to takes steps towards a healthier home. Zara learned about the link between our homes and our health after going through two different types of cancer. Zara is passionate about shining the spotlight on what she believes to be the least understood health challenges of our time, and sharing the things she wishes she had known, that could have prevented the illnesses she has been through. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading health influencers, Zara was a finalist in the 2014 Bupa Health Influencer of the Year Awards. She has appeared on TEN News, Today Show and The Project, been featured in the Herald Sun, I Quit Sugar, and contributed Medibank’s Be. Magazine and Fairfax health online publications. Zara contributed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s first comprehensive report on breast cancer in young women in Australia.

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